Aug 30, 2015

BARCELONA, SPAIN - The 22nd International Ozone Association Congress was held at the World Trade Center Barcelona from 28 June to 3 July. The congress brings together the scientific and professional community involved in the research and application of advanced oxidation techniques.

The WTC Barcelona congress and convention facilities were the ideal setting for the three-day event, which was attended by scientists, researchers, students, engineers, users, technical experts, consultants, manufacturers and suppliers of oxidation systems. The IOA made use of the 450-seat Auditorium to hold the plenary sessions, the Auditorium hall for registering and welcoming participants, and the Salas A for smaller meetings.

The Congress also featured an exhibition of product samples in the Agora Room, which is ideal for product presentations due to its open-plan design; the Port Vell Room, offering splendid views of both Barcelona and the Mediterranean, was used as a dining venue.

The possibility of finding everything an international event requires under a single roof: a plenary room, meeting rooms, catering facilities and an exhibition space was the key for WTC Barcelona to host an event of this magnitude and meet their client’s needs.

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