Nordic China Chamber of Commerce comes to Ballerup

Mar 17, 2015

BALLERUP, DENMARK - Nordic China Chamber of Commerce (NCCC), the link between the business communities of the Nordic countries and the Chinese speaking countries and regions, is moving to Ballerup. The move into the newly opened Danish branch of the World Trade Center is the first objective in China Business Center’s agenda, through which the Chinese intend to coordinate business promotion throughout the Nordic region for both imports and exports.

"China Business Center will open on the 3rd of June 2015”, says Heidi Wang, the Chinese director of NCCC.

Heidi Wang further explains that Chinese companies are increasingly coming to Denmark and China Business Center’s role will be to further the cooperation and support Chinese and Danish Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in achieving the best results.

"Here Danes interested in specific business opportunities can meet Chinese counterparts in Denmark, this being an area that NCCC excels in", says Heidi Wang. World Trade Center is a huge global network that, in addition to acting as a multi-use Business Center, also offers access to organization's largest "toolbox" in the form of support, guidance and means of contact on a global scale.

Good business prospects
"The whole world is literal", says Lars Gøtke, the director of World Trade Center Ballerup referring to the fact that World Trade Center is a global brand that has issued about 300 licenses of which approximately 250 are in active service in 100 countries.

In China alone 12 World Trade Centers have been established at lightning speed. One of these is located in Wuxi City (6 million inhabitants), a city which brings good business prospects out of its newly founded partnership with Ballerup. The mayor and part of the City Council of Wuxi announced their intention to visit Ballerup in the near future. It is a visit that both director Heidi Wang and director Lars Gøtke look forward to.

For more information, please contact:
Lars Gøtke, Director at World Trade Center Ballerup, +45 2943 9244,,
Heidi Wang, Director at Nordic China Chamber of Commerce, +45 3054 0414,