WTC Atlanta Welcomes the New Year 2016!

Jan 25, 2016


ATLANTA, GA, USA - Welcoming the New Year 2016! 

1010 LLC -- Sam Tandon, WTC Atlanta, Board Member.

Dear friends and fellow WTC members, I am delighted to bring some great news to usher in the New Year 2016. In my recent trip (Dec 2015) to Dubai, Bahrain and India. I was fortunate to use the contacts and help given by WTC Atlanta. It enabled me to schedule meetings before I arrived at my destinations, I was amazed to see the response I got. It not only saved a lot of time, I got to meet the decision makes which got me offers and collaboration proposals in each City.

What I realized is the great power of our global WTC Network. It is practically in every major city of the World. Another interesting observation was the way other city/country members use and view our WTC Association. As you are aware recently our president Dawn, sent out a brief about WTC Atlanta being referred as a model for hosting foreign delegations from other countries. It deserves a pat on the back for the organizers!

Let’s all work to take WTC Atlanta to the next level. I encourage all WTC Members to reach out to the local WTC in each city that they travel or have contacts. No one is going to come looking for XYZ person from across the world to find you. Ultimately it is up to us to reach out and use the technology, and social media to our advantage.

PHOTO: Photo of Bahrain WTC

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