Webinar: Am I Sourcing From the Right Country?

World Trade Center Atlanta and Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) present: Am I Sourcing From the Right Country?

If you are working in the international trade arena as an importer, customs broker, or providing transportation to inland destinations, you will benefit from this webinar by being able to identify some of the PTA (Preferential Trade Agreements) and FTA (Free Trade Agreements) countries.

We will review some of the timelines for expiring agreements to help avoid being caught paying duties if you or your customer are ordering just at the expiration date. The GSP periodically expires and must be renewed by Congress to remain in effect. The 2015 GSP reauthorization (H.R. 1295) will expire on December 31, 2017. All GSP renewals that have taken effect after a lapse have included a retroactive clause providing refunds to importers of eligible goods imported during the lapse period. Are you aware of the GSP changes in the Presidential Proclamation 9625 of June 29, 2017? Even though we may have trade agreements, subsequent duties such as ADD (Anti-dumping Duty) and/or CVD (Countervailing Duty) may be imposed and create headaches for you and your customers.

Join us for this exciting webinar to determine - Am I Sourcing From the Right Country?


Will Sehestedt, Director of Government Affairs, Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA)


Donna Mullins, VP Education, WTC Atlanta (Mullins International Solutions)
David M. Spooner, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg LLP
Rennie Alston
, CEO, American River Group