WTC Asunci├│n Trade Mission to Israel

Jul 23, 2019

The members of the board of directors of WTC Asunci├│n visited Israel in June, to get to know about the latest advances in technologies regarding agriculture, cyber technology, real estate development, digital media, geopolitics and innovation as well as pursue trade opportunities.

The mission started with a visit to the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, founded in 1.996 by the late Israeli president, Shimon Peres. This center focuses on implementing programs that promote a prosperous Israel, fostering and highlighting Israeli innovation and paving the way for cultural exchange.

The next stop was Taranis, here they were welcomed by the director, Eduardo Zlotnik.
Taranis is an agricultural intelligence platform that helps farmers monitor their fields with a revolutionary tool that changes the way agricultural activity is managed through big data analysis. This visit was particularly important, because Paraguay, where WTC Asunci├│n is located, has an economy where agriculture and livestock are very important. WTC Asunci├│n is also part of the  WTCA┬┤s Agriculture Member Advisory Council.

The trade mission lasted a week, visiting a few of the most important companies of Israel. Playbuzz, an Israeli technological entrepreneurship that has become one of the main platforms on the web for the creation and publication of materials that generate engagement, was also visited and the mission. Members held meetings with high executives from Playbuzz that explained the importance of media presence and how the news and content sharing is evolving.

The next visit was to the IDB Group, where the president, Eduardo Elztain, gave the group a warm welcome. IDB Group is one of Israel┬┤s most outstanding holdings with companies in areas such as agriculture, real estate, asset management, telecommunications, insurance, food retail, cybertechnology and medical devices. This company has influence and relevance worldwide.

The mission┬┤s last stop was a private meeting with Mr. Roni Kaplan, an ex-spokesman for the Israeli┬┤s defense force, that gave a very detailed glimpse of the geopolitical situation as well as current and historical context of Israel┬┤s relation with the region and the world.