Agreement to promote Paraguayan products

May 23, 2019

With the idea of promoting Paraguayan products and industries to the world, WTC Asunción has signed an agreement to work in unison with the Young Industrial Union of Paraguay (UIP Joven). 

The mutual cooperation agreement is considered very important for young industrial entrepreneurs. One of the benefits will be having special discount rates on the services that WTC Asuncion provides. Such as, meeting and conference rooms, auditoriums, and a chance to showcase the joint initiatives through our global WTCA network.  

The Young Industrial Union of Paraguay (UIP Joven), is a division of the Industrial Union of Paraguay, formed mainly by young industrial entrepreneurs. 

 WTC Asuncion's chairman, Victor Gonzalez Acosta, Industrial Union of Paraguay's president, Gustavo Volpe and Paulo Duarte, president of the Young Industrial Union of Paraguay, signed the agreement documents.