Arkansas's Catfish Pro will transform cat fishing

Jun 21, 2019


Catching Memories with Catfish Pro –
the story of Mike and Mitch Baker

by Sam Cushman, World Trade Center Arkansas

After a series of progressively intense surgeries in 2013 left Mike Baker in the hospital for almost a month, all he really wanted to do was camp down at the Arkansas River and drink coffee while he fished on the bank. His wife Sharon joined him and together they set out one weekend with a camper to do just that.

For Mike, surely this would be a welcome reprieve after weeks of nurse checks, beeping machines and hospital food. So when he sat down with catfish bait and tackle to cast his line out onto the water one might think that moment would mark the beginning of a long-awaited period of refreshment. Instead it was the beginning of a long weekend of frustration and the birth of an idea that would change his life.

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