Sublime Dinner, Historic Location at Felix Meritis

Sep 25, 2013

On april 24, a total of one hundred members and their guests from WTC Amsterdam Business Club met each other in the special ambiance of Felix Meritis. In the attractive Columns room, overlooking the Keizersgracht, everybode enjoyed an excellent 4-course dinner of Star Chef Alain Alders. The participants also visited the newly opened Observatory.

'There is the WTC'
Felix Meritis is a European Centre for art, culture and science, located in a bend of the Keizersgracht. This year marks the monumental building 225 years. Among other things, the art project 'Amsterdam of Above - Amsterdam of Below' that can be seen from the reopened Observatory. Visitors can search spells on ten high buildings from this high vantage point with viewers, including WTC Amsterdam. On april 24, the WTC Amsterdam Business Club climbed in small groups through the monumental staircase to the Observatory.

'Dessert on the Roof' The event was in many ways special and varied. While guests arrived from 18.30 in the Felix Meritis café, the first group gathered for the visit to the Observatory. One group was served here their between dish and a third group ate his dessert while overlooking Amsterdam. The beautifully set tables in the old Columnsroom were amazing, an ensemble ensured a relaxing jazzy atmosphere.

The visits to the Observatory – accompanied by charming hostesses – let space to the seating order to changes during the evening; the ability to network with trusted and new people is something no one wants to lose.