• A new stepping stone for the Export Club Algiers - The World Trade Center Algiers has gathered its Export Club’s members in a memorable dinner at the Sofitel Hotel on the 28 of February 2018, where the gust of honor was Mr. Lyes Ferroukhi the Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Commerce and the ex-head of international Trade a... more


  • CybeersĂ©curity ConfĂ©rence of the WTC Algiers - The World Trade Center Algiers Has Organized the 6th Edition of the Conference on Cybersecurity and were able to gather experts from Russia, Algeria, France and Morocco as well as members of the press around the theme : “Cybercrime in the digital world and the mobile ecosystem... more

  • Algerian-Italian Business Summit - In partnership with the FCE, the World Trade Center Algiers and the World Trade Center Pescara launched on the 19th November 2017 , the first edition of the Algerian-Italian business summit in Pescara, Italy. The Algerian delegation was constituted of 60 business leaders from ... more

  • Let’s have Brunch and talk Export! - The World Trade Center Algiers launches, through its Export Club and in partnership with ALGEX the "Export Brunch", a customized training program for Exporters, under the theme: "Business Intelligence and Market Profiles", “ALGEX” . The World Trade Center Algiers launches t... more

  • Algerian-Canadian cooperation - Algerian-Canadian cooperation :Mr. Ahmed TIBAOUI The World Trade Center Algiers’s CEO and Vice President of the "CEO’s Forum" in the leading role in promoting Female Entrepreneurship The Canadian Embassy in Algeria and the FCE (CEO’s Forum) in collaboration with the ... more

  • The Export Trophy takes a New Dimension - ALGIERS, ALGERIA - The Export Trophy’s 14th edition, took place on the 7th of June 2017 at the El-Aurassi Hotel as a WTC Day, and witnessed the presence of the most influential members of the Algerian Business Community and various representatives of the public institutions i... more

  • World Class Young Leaders Meet in Algiers - ALGIERS, ALGERIA - The World Trade Center Algiers organised the 5th edition of the Choiseul Africa Summit in Algiers on the 13th, 14th and 15th of May . The World Trade Center Algioers has organised the prestigious Choiseul Africa Summit that regroups the laureates of the fam... more

  • Export Club Meets the Heart of Port of Algiers - ALGIERS, ALGERIA - For the fourth edition of its "Export Club", the World Trade Center Algeria has chosen as its theme “The maritime exchanges”, setting its sights on the port of Algiers, in partnership with CNAN Med, the Mediterranean subsidiary of the Algerian shipping ... more


  • The 1st Meeting of the Export Club - WTC Algeria - ALGIERS, ALGERIA - The World Trade Center Algiers organized on September 19th, 2016, the 1st meeting of the Export Club, at El-Aurassi HĂ´tel. More than 120 people attended the meeting. The General Manager & CEO of World Trade Center Algiers Mister Ahmed Tibaoui, the Gener... more

  • "Export Trophy" 2015 - ALGIERS, ALGERIA - The trophy of the best Algerian non-hydrocarbon exporter for "Export Trophy" 2015 has been awarded on Wednesday to the new Algerian Canning Factory of Rouiba, NCA-Rouiba. NCA-Rouiba mainly produces juice of fruits. Organized annually since 2003 by the Worl... more