WTC Algiers launches the Digital Business Club!

Jan 08, 2020

"Young people today have many opportunities, including those to create their own business in a situation marked by a frenzied development of new technologies which offers them employment and business prospects" said Ahmed Tibaoui, CEO by WTC Algiers in his inaugural speech during a debate meeting organized by WTC on Startups. The opportunity for the speaker to announce in the process the creation of the Digital Business Club Algeria (DBCA). "Our initiative is part of the government's approach, which today has three structures dedicated to digital development in general," he said, explaining: "The WTC has decided to create a DBCA for 'Effect of setting up an environment allowing digital professionals to meet regularly so that each member can get to know, exchange and develop with others within the framework of Networking ”. Tibaoui also indicated that “The creation of this club is part of a global framework within the world network of Word Trade Center Association, translated by the creation of several accelerators and incubators around the world. We want DBCA to be able to support startups and companies in their national and international development in order to contribute positively to national economic growth. ” He will also specify that “DBCA will regularly organize thematic meetings in order to inform, among other things, about the latest technologies and other news related to digital with the participation of players in the field in order to debate and adopt the different approaches in order to 'consider the best ways to operate the digital transition in the most optimal way and support digital internally to bring the company a competitive advantage'.