Exporting from Algeria to Europe

Nov 04, 2020

On the 15th of October, the World Trade Center Algiers organized a Webinar about the opportunities offered by the European Market to the companies established in Algeria and the role that could be played by the port of Marseilles (France) in facilitating trade relations between European buyers and Algerian suppliers.

For this webinar, key people have been invited to speak and share their views on the question and they are:

• Ahmed Tibaoui CEO of the WTC Algiers
• Benoit Vincent CEO of the WTC Marseille
• Amel Ferhat President of the French Algerian Economic Chamber
• Mohamed Boukhari CEO of ALTISA logistics
• Stéphane Salveta President of the Forwarding Agent Syndicate of Marseille
• Jean Yves Miracolo CEO of Pentagone Services France

Today and specially after this exceptional sanitary crisis caused by the COVID-19, Europe is actively looking for new suppliers who can provide goods ad services to their consumers, fast and at a competitive price, and it with out a shadow of a doubt that Algeria can offer a multitude of fantastic opportunities to the European market, as it is close geographically as well as culturally in addition to the low production and qualified labor cost which are mainly due to the low energy prices in Algeria.

After speaking about the rules and regulations that are key for a perfect export operation, Jean Yves Miracolo of Pentagone Services and his local partner Mohamed Boukhari of ALTISA have made a special offer to all the WTC Algiers Business Club members which consist in free storage in Marseilles for all Algerian exporters for 45 days, which presents a unique opportunity for the business willing to enter this important market.

This Webinar will be followed soon by the announcement of an important export operation managed and driven by the WTC Algiers along with other partners so stay tuned for more.