Export Club Meets the Heart of Port of Algiers

May 21, 2017


ALGIERS, ALGERIA - For the fourth edition of its "Export Club", the World Trade Center Algeria has chosen as its theme “The maritime exchanges”, setting its sights on the port of Algiers, in partnership with CNAN Med, the Mediterranean subsidiary of the Algerian shipping and The port management company DP World Djazair.

Proposing a meeting at the very heart of the port of Algiers was a way of bringing economic operators and the main players in maritime transport closer together, with the aim of sharing information regarding the facilitations introduced in port procedures; Especially those dedicated to export.

By taking part to this gathering, maritime freight companies expressed the desire to communicate around an export process that raises apprehensions among national operators. 

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“Exporters are sometimes discouraged by the many export procedures” says Hocine Saibi, advisor to the World Trade Center Algeria (WTCA). "Professionals are victims of an administrative environment that we have all experienced and which has raised the fear of going to sea transport," he explains, recognizing a lack of communication towards operators who wish to Turn to export by sea. "We, and all the players involved, have to make an effort to go to the companies that wants to export,"

For Samir Boumati, Managing Director of the port management company DP World Djazaïr, export is the spearhead of trade in emerging countries. "When we talk about 3% of non-hydrocarbon exports, it's very low, I think we should increase it to a two-digit level," said the WTC Export Club guest. Explaining the need to save money by optimizing costs and administrative procedures. In order to do this, Mr. Boumati calls for an upgrade of the export procedures by sea so that they are "on the page", and calls for promoting digitization. For example, according to the head of DP World Djazaïr, the implementation of an electronic one-stop shop could reduce the time taken to board the merchandise by 30%.

This meeting was also an opportunity for CNAN Med to present its new destinations and new projects designed to develop the operational axes of this national company, in particular its various partnerships in the context of the import of spare parts at destination Automotive assembly plants across the country, whose main recipient, via CNAN Med, is none other than Renault Algeria. 

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