Cybeersécurity Conférence of the WTC Algiers

Dec 22, 2017


The World Trade Center Algiers Has Organized the 6th Edition of the Conference on Cybersecurity and were able to gather experts from Russia, Algeria, France and Morocco as well as members of the press around the theme : “Cybercrime in the digital world and the mobile ecosystem :detection, investigation of Cybercrimes” and with the support of DIVONA a leading Algerian company in the Telecoms Business .

Speakers called for the urgent creation of a National Agency for Computer Security. "Cyber ​​attacks are an effective way to destabilize not only companies, but also entire states. But this is not a reason to condemn the development of new technologies that are also a source of growth, "said yesterday, Ahmed Tibaoui, General Manager and CEO of World Trade Center Algiers .

In its 6th edition, the conference addressed the different approaches and methods used by the Algerian National Security Agency through the presentation of its Cybersecurity Cheif Mr. BACHIR Said who said: “This is a rather worrying situation as National Security is witnessing an important rise in the pace of cybercrime cases. The complaints processed are of the order of 1,500 in 2017, and the year is not over, against 1,055 in 2016 and 567 in 2015 with 64 miners involved" further more he added : "Most of the attacks or attempts that we managed were directed toward institutions and companies from the public sector as well as the private sector”

Should Algeria stops its technological advance? The answer is obviously "no" affirmed Mrs. Hind Benmiloud a lawyer specialized in New Technologies , "we still do not have specific laws on digital data". She also strongly pleaded for "the urgent creation of the National Agency of computer security to protect us from these attacks", especially that Algeria is preparing to adopt a law on e-commerce. "We have the main texts",she insisted, enumerating all the dates which gave birth to texts more and more enriched with regard to fight, of prevention, but especially in

Finally Mr. Mehdi ZAKARIA CEO of UNIDEE , a cybersecurity company and also head of the Algerian Cybersecurity Experts shared that "70% of Algerian companies do not complain when they are victims of computer attacks, whereas they should ! “

We look forward to the next edition to next year’s edition .

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