Algerian-Canadian cooperation

Jul 06, 2017


Algerian-Canadian cooperation :Mr. Ahmed TIBAOUI The World Trade Center Algiers’s CEO and Vice President of the "CEO’s Forum" in the leading role in promoting Female Entrepreneurship

The Canadian Embassy in Algeria and the FCE (CEO’s Forum) in collaboration with the the Canada-Algeria Development Council, held a conference on July 3, 2017 in Algiers, under the theme "Economic relations Canada, Quebec - Algeria: How women entrepreneurship can accelerate growth ".

On this occasion, fruitful exchanges made it possible to identify numerous partnership opportunities, particularly in the energy, agriculture and technology sectors.

In the presence of Lise THERIAULT, Deputy Prime Minister of Quebec, Canada, Ahmed TIBAOUI CEO of the World Trade Center Algiers and vice president of the CEO’s Forum , stressed the importance of strengthening the economic relations between Algeria and Canada and particularly Quebec due to the large Algerian community living there.

This meeting was held the day after the inaugural the new flight Algiers-Montreal. This new deal is a significant step in getting the two economies closer in more ways than one, as it represents a new milestone in the development of economic and commercial relations between Algeria and Canada. "I am convinced that this symbolic action is the prelude to a new era in economic cooperation between our two countries” Said Mr. TIBAOUI .

Moreover, during this prestigious meeting, Ahmed TIBAOUI highlighted the work carried out by the World Trade Center Algiers and the FCE in promoting women's entrepreneurship. "We are convinced that women’s entrepreneurship is one of the success factors in diversifying the Algerian economy " He added that in Algeria the breakthrough of women in government and parliament where a mandatory 35% quota reserved to women, is not the result of chance but the The result of a national policy instigated by the President of the Republic, His Excellency Abdelaziz Bouteflika”

On the other hand, women remain under-represented in the economic and political spheres, despite notable advances such as Parliament's mandatory quota of 35%. Some sectors in Algeria have a women majority such as : education, health and justice.

To address this situation, the FCE (CEO’s Forum) is committed in supporting algerian women and particularly those that are distinguished in strategic sectors such as ICT and renewable energies.