Churchgate, WTC Abuja Win Future Project Award

Oct 11, 2014

ABUJA, NIGERIA - On October 2nd, 2014, after receiving three different nominations at the Real Estate Unite Awards this year, Churchgate surpassed multiple contenders in order to earn the Future Project Award for The World Trade Center Abuja.

The Churchgate Group was founded nearly half a century ago, and since then has quickly become one of Africa’s most influential Real Estate and investment companies, with an extensive portfolio of commercial and residential properties in two of Nigeria’s largest cities, Abuja and Lagos. The construction of the World Trade Center Abuja began in 2011 and once completed is predicted to become one of Africa’s most sophisticated centers for living and business.

Mr. Bhagwan Mahtani, Chairman of The Churchgate Group, stated that the WTC Abuja ‚Äúwill be one of the most distinctive landmark sites among the nearly 325 World Trade Centers in over 92 countries.‚ÄĚ A reflection of Nigeria‚Äôs increasing influence on international business, WTC Abuja, with its innovative architecture and exquisite construction is said to become an iconic symbol of Nigeria‚Äôs economic strength in world commerce.

About Churchgate

Established in 1968, The Churchgate Group has become one of the most dynamic conglomerates, having had significant interests in the industrial, trading, finance and building sectors in Nigeria. Churchgate has earned a national reputation for its standards of quality and has become a household name among both Nigerians and multinationals.

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