WTC Navi Mumbai @ Virtual Global Expo India

Oct 13, 2020

Virtual Event of Global Expo India ’20 took place as scheduled during September 17 – 19, 2020 at Navi Mumbai. The real Global Expo event will hopefully happen during December 17 – 19, 2020 as planned, in Navi Mumbai CIDCO Exhibition Centre.

WTC Navi Mumbai has been Knowledge Partner of this Expo supported by many countries as well as trade promotion organizations. WTC Navi Mumbai was specially invited to participate in the Inaugural Session of the Virtual Expo on September 17, 2020. 

Mr. Jayant Ghate WTC Advisor made a presentation of the WTC Navi Mumbai as well as the WTCA New York. “Prosperity through Trade & Investment” is the Mission of the WTCA and its Member WTCs he mentioned and added that the word “Health” needs to be added to this statement. WTCA and WTCs across the globe are taking the utmost care of health precautions in this pandemic situation. He explained the WTCA Eco-system and its benefits to the world trade/economy.

Mr. Ghate said “Raheja Universal Group – one of the most prestigious and innovative real estate and construction Groups from India – has put Navi Mumbai on the WTCs map”. He added that the WTC has already started its Trade Services activities in terms of Trade Information, Trade Education, Trade Promotion, Trade Missions / B2B Meets, Membership etc. and has organized a number of programs for the benefit of industry & business as well as government agencies in the region.
“Bringing the World Together” is the vision of the WTC Navi Mumbai, he mentioned in his presentation. Navi Mumbai Region is one of the fastest growing regions in India and ideal for globalization to which WTC Navi Mumbai will make a significant contribution when its physical facilities are completed.

Dr. R Gopal Director D Y Patil University School of Management, Mr. D Mullick of EXIM Bank of India, Mr. H Parikh WTC Faculty were the other guest speakers at the Inaugural Session. Many other sessions such as Country Presentations, Women Empowerment, and Government Role in Trade & Investment etc. were also held during 3 days of Virtual Expo. There was a participation of 200+ for each of the session ably coordinated by Mr. Bhaskar Dastidar CEO of Global Expo India.