Wisetail Told Its Tale, Launching MWTC TechEx

Nov 23, 2016


By Nat Smith

MISSOULA, MT, USA - November 15 marked the official kickoff of Montana World Trade Center’s new technology export initiative, TechEx, with Wisetail Tells Its Tale at First Interstate Bank downtown Missoula. The event featured a case study of one of Montana’s most successful tech startups, Wisetail, followed by insights from a panel of MWTC’s newly formed Tech Export Team: Justin Cook, certified U.S. export compliance officer; Joel Henry, senior counsel with Michael Best and co-founder of Agile Data Solutions; Angela Marshall Hofmann, founder and president of World Strategies LCC; and Antoinette Tease, intellectual property attorney.

Wisetail’s founder and CEO, Justin Bigart presented his story to more than forty attendees, from launching his company as an online training program for his wife’s yoga and spa business to expanding it to a learning management system (LMS) used by recognizable, multi-national companies like the Cheesecake Factory. From three guys in a garage, the company has grown to thirty employees in eight years.

Wisetail has ambitious plans for even more expansion, wanting to increase the employee roster to 100 and take Wisetail international. 

But Bigart acknowledged crossing borders won’t happen without challenges. Luckily, the Tech Export Team was there to provide expertise about patenting software, exporting to Europe, avoiding “bad actors,” moving data across borders, and more.

The event helped raise issues of importance for exporting or soon-to-be exporting tech companies.

“Just having a conversation really helps you down the road as opposed to waiting,” Henry said. “I have a client…who has spent more money paying me to fix things than they would have paid me if they would have called me.”

Enter TechEx, an invaluable asset for cloud computing, high-value photonics, and pharma companies looking for resources to help them export their services right the first time.

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