Poverty Alleviation Charity Project in Leibo

Nov 23, 2018

“Stick to the Goal and Win the Battle against Poverty”— CWTC Inspected on the “One Village One Kindergarten” Poverty Alleviation Charity Project in Leibo County Daliangshan Mountain Sichuan Province

By the fifth National Day of Poverty Alleviation, on Oct 17,2018 Ms. Qian Xiaojin Deputy General Manager of CWTC took the lead to Leibo County Liangshan Yi Nationality Autonomous Prefecture Sichuan Province together with Deputy Secretary General Fang Jin of China Research Development Foundation to inspect on the funded “One Village One Kindergarten” project and paid a visit to the local volunteers and pre-school children.

The team jointly by Leibo County Party Committee, China Research Development Foundation and CWTC firstly arrived in Maliu Village Haiwan County. Ms. Qian inquired about the poverty alleviation plan for the Yi Nationality villagers to detail and proceeded to question the difficult families about education and life before and after alleviation.

Then the joint-inspecting team got to Maliu Village School, in which 37 pre-school children and 101 students of Grade One and Two are educated. To their satisfaction, the educational and living environment has been thoroughly improved -- the kindergarten and school has become the most solid and beautiful building in the village and the children can eat steaming meals now.

As the inspection went on, the joint inspecting team came over to Ganchitang Village School of Zhongtian County. After the opening ceremony for the newly built kitchen, they distributed gifts for the children and played with the kids. Everyone was delighted at the children’s smile.

For this inspection, CWTC has taken pains to bring over vacuum cups for the tutors, books, paintings, brushes, chocolate and candies worthy of over RMB40,000 for the children, embracing them with the warmth and enthusiasm of CWTC thousands of miles away.

During the inspection, CWTC Management and China Research Development Foundation communicated with Mr. Wang Ronghua, Mr. Wang Shifeng-- Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Leibo County Committee and other county officials on the further implementation of Chairman Xi Jinping’s important instruction of “Stick to the Goal and Win the Battle against Poverty” and listened to the report on the kitchen replenishment project by Teaching Branch Bureau. On behalf of CWTC, Ms. Qian expressed satisfaction on the implementation and hoped the progress could be accelerated to enable more children with education and better lives to grow into backbones of the society. The joint inspecting team also visited China’s second largest water-control project Luoxidu Hydropower Station at Leibo County and attended the Evening Party to commemorate 2018 National Day of Poverty Alleviation and 40 Years’Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up. Intense as the inspection it was, the inspection was still meaningful and fruitful.

Although tiring with long distance and days’of autumn rain, the Leibo County Inspection was still pleasant, meaningful and touching. Through this journey, they witnessed the blossom of CWTC’s poverty alleviation project in the poverty stricken Leibo County, confidence and determination of the local government, firm eyes of the volunteers, laughter of the children from the bottom of their heart and expectations of their parents of Yi Nationality. Via this experience, our confidence in targeted poverty alleviation and social responsibility is reinforced. We will insist on our social responsibility sturdily and strive to carry out Leibo County’s One Village One Kindergarten Project to eventually realize the target of poverty alleviation.