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World Trade Day


May 20 | 11:00 am — 1:00 pm Virtual

May 21 | 11:00 am — 2:00 pm Virtual

Ticket Prices for 2-Day Conference
Members: $35
Non – members: $50

2-day Conference    
VIP Experience with Speakers     
Award Recognition    
Networking by Interest Topics
Peer-to-Peer Connections

World Trade Day is an international trade and investment conference with over 700 participants from across the Rocky Mountain Region and around the globe. This year's theme is Digital Globalization, and how technology is helping to accelerate connections, transparency and trade.

Part of the 2021 World Trade Day is series of professional networking sessions that will give you an opportunity to connect based on your topic of interest, on your specific industry, learn from local and global experts, set up B2B meetings, and connect through chats and video calls. Have fun with speed networking; you never know who you will be matched with and let it be the start of something great.

Join us to discuss the impact of global trade on our region and learn how to jump-start your business, mitigate risk, and leverage the latest technology to boost your global operations. 

Other trade talks will include topics of:

- Ecommerce
- Cyber Security
- Supply Chain & Compliance Technology
- Digital Transformation in Key Markets
- Data Trustworthiness
- Global Digital Culture
- Global Payments
- Global Sustainability

Keynote Speakers:

Josh Kallmer, Head of Global Public Policy and Government Relations at Zoom

Danielle Osler, Global Transparency Lead for Google

  “International trade is a dynamic, ever-changing landscape and World Trade Day brings together like-minded businesses to engage in discussions about key trends and provides opportunities to share best practices and learn from one another.”
- Lindsay Besser Hank, Director of Global Services
Leprino Foods