Workshop on Decoding the Law of Persuasion

The success in sales is not attributed to personality traits alone but is today a combination of skill and in-depth knowledge about the buying behavior. To transform your sales processes, it is important to understand the science of persuasion. A basic understanding of neuroscience and how it affects behavior — yours and your customers — is a good addition to your sales toolkit.

This workshop led by Mr. Rakesh Gopinathan, CEO, WowRakesh, Chennai will cover the following topics –

  • Realizing why most sales and marketing messages fail
  • Learn the sales persuasion process
  • Using neuroscience to understand selling
  • Maximizing your ability to persuade
  • Creating your unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Using cognitive biases to help you sell

Who should attend : Sales & marketing professionals, CXOs, startups and others interested in the subject.