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Trade Show Selling Success Seminar

This is a revenue generating opportunity for any World Trade Center in the world. Your WTC may offer your members or clients a powerful, 4-hour, in-person Trade Show Selling Success™ Seminar just hours before their next trade show or other type of large marketing event. It could make the difference between a good event and an exceptionally successful experience.
Trade Show Selling Success™ Seminar is a four-hour sales training class specifically designed for trade shows or other large marketing events. It ensures your WTC member or client booth staff will successfully engage with their prospects and customers. Held the day before the show, it provides top-of-mind tips and just-in-time guidance to make sure they get the most success from their event. It will help them achieve the goals they established when they decided to hold or participate in this event.

To learn more contact Ronald Mathis, World Trade Center Institute of Florida - email -                                              or call him in USA at 407-408-7480. or click on his e-mail link next to his picture on bottom right corner of registration landing page. For your purposes as a fellow WTC, the registration landing page is only meant for you to review to see what your website might look like if you advertise Trade Show Selling Success™ Seminar for your members and clients. For your purposes as a fellow WTC your next step in this, if interested, is to contact Ronald Mathis either by email or telephone as indicated at the beginning of this paragraph. Thank you.