Preventing Document Leaks Before It's To Late

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Individuals and Business Owners. All digital Publishers, if you have Intellectual Property to keep safe, if you work in an industry that requires Security and Compliance, this includes the Medical Field, if you are involved in Financial, Legal, and Confidential Business Data. All individuals interested in keeping personal information safe with the vendors and businesses encountered throughout life.

Join WTCPB and learn available options to secure your sensitive documents, today and into the future. 

During times as we are experiencing today with COVID-19, employees are losing their jobs. Do these employees have access to your client lists? What about secret recipes or designs? Price List? Will these employees use these documents when they go to work for a competitor?

Whether it is an electronic document or paper – TRUST should not be tested if you plan to secure your company’s brand, reputation and ultimately your business.

Documents can be leaked on purpose or through simple negligence. Employees sometimes make copies on portable devices, and forward to personal emails or other unauthorized recipients. Registration link:

Do you remember the "Panama Papers" in 2016? It was the biggest data breach ever reported of around 11.5 million files?  Now, just this week — The Pandora Papers has taken over as the biggest data breach ever. Officials in more than a dozen countries have called for probes. This one is 12 million documents, including 3 million photos, over a million emails, and nearly 500,000 spreadsheets exposed by the Pandora Papers leak. 

Recent events including the Colonial Pipeline and Accenture’s cyberattacks could have been easily avoided by having proper document security.  

Presenter Jose Manzur, Vice President of Doc-Solutions will examine the following critical topics:

  1. The gigantic missing layer from standard cyber security offerings.
  2. The danger in assuming that infrastructure protective technologies alone can prevent you documents from being leaked.
  3. How your trusted users have become – one of your biggest threats.
  4. Learn the safest way is to protect your documents sensitive data.
  5. The current demand of the general public to hold business professionals accountable.
"Preventing Document Leaks Before It's To Late"
Tuesday, October 26, 2021
11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT