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Making Africa Trade Easy

This year's Making Africa Trade Easy (MATE) Conference is titled "The African Diaspora Linking the U.S. and African Private Sector." The MATE Conference seeks to strengthen ties with one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing regions. Join MATE to explore investment opportunities in AfCFTA. 

Promoting Prosperity In Africa And America

President Donald J. Trump’s New Strategy toward Africa aims at advancing American and African prosperity. “Prosper Africa” intends to support U.S. investments across the region, improve the business climate and accelerate the growth of Africa middle class. This initiative will join existing programs such as USAID’s Private Sector Engagement Policy, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, Power Africa, the Young African Leaders Initiative, the African Growth and Opportunities Act, and the $60 billion U.S. Development Finance Corporation newly established by the Better Utilization of Investment Leading to Development Act.

Although many African countries are making strides in global trade, many private enterprises still find it difficult to find viable opportunities to import and export goods to/from Africa.

Despite the numerous programs created by the United States, many US- based businesses still find it challenging to do business in Africa, and many Africa-based businesses find it even harder to export their goods to the United States.

M.A.T.E - Making Africa Trade Easy
• MATE is a collaboration between USAID and Believe in Africa to “Strengthen ties with one of the world’s most dynamic and fastest-growing regions” and to “advance the U.S’s focus on trade and investment in Africa, and highlight America’s commitment to Africa’s security, its democratic development, and its people.”

• MATE is also a platform to facilitate African regional integration and intra-Africa trade;

Additionally, MATE will:

- Showcase positive dynamics at work on the continent and throughout the African Diaspora;

- Strengthen changing perceptions and the new narrative effectively "Rebranding Africa";

- Highlight leaders and "game changers" who are building effective growth models for Africa;

- Discuss successful examples of turning informal sector ingenuity into real formal growth;

- Develop innovative solutions, new technologies and capacity building;

- Share success stories and pilot projects of integrated solutions to development challenges.