Live Wine 2015

MILAN, ITALY - WTC Milan is glad to promote LIVE WINE 2015, the first International Fair for Artisanal Wine in Milan.

In partnership with the cult event “Vini di Vignaioli-Vins de Vignerons” and “Associazione Italiana Sommelier Lombardia”, from February 21st to 23rd , Milan will host LIVE WINE 2015.

During the event visitors will be able to taste all wines on show, presented by well known and yet to be discovered small winegrowers.

LIVE WINE 2015 will take place at Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Milan, a beautiful Liberty style building opened in 1923 located at Frigoriferi Milanesi complex, WTC Milan headquarters. About 200 producers coming from the most remarkable wine regions of the world will present their wines, made according to nature.

Placed among the major events that will distinguish Milan in 2015, namely Expo, LIVE WINE 2015 is a unique chance to experience high quality artisanal wines. An international show of the best and most authentic products expressing their “terroir”.

The common traits of these producers is the respect for the land and for the grapes, the features of which, are then found in wine.

In order for this to be possible no synthetic chemical products are used in the vineyard and no additives are employed in the cellar. Sulfites, when used at all, are added in minimal dosage.
The resulting wines are authentic, utmost expression of soil, vintage and human hand.

During LIVE WINE 2015 participants can also attend seminars and guided tastings led by Samuel Cogliati, Italian-french publisher and writer.

LIVE WINE 2015 is more than just a fair; it is also LIVE WINE NIGHT. Friday 20th, Saturday 21st, and Sunday 22nd three nights of tastings by Dan Lerner in wine shops, restaurants and selected venues across the town, a chance to deepen the knowledge of terroirs, wines and “vignerons”.

WTC Milan is partner of the event. Admission is free for WTC delegates upon prior reservation to

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