KC World Trade Day

As cities across the nation celebrate World Trade Week, join us on May 22 to celebrate Kansas City’s World Trade Day, an annual event focused on the celebration of the KC international business community.

World Trade Day 2014

Every year, the President of the United States declares the third week of May to be “World Trade Week”. This declaration is to encourage the international trade community to come together in their respective regions to raise awareness of and promote the international trade of goods, services, ideas, and culture.

This year’s focus is to recognize the many KC industries that are making a significant impact on sustainable water access, sanitation, infrastructure, transportation, and education globally. An astonishing 780 million people lack access to clean water around the world. Kansas City distinguishes itself as a global city actively invested in finding solutions to this widespread problem by tackling the issue from many angles. Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate and educate yourself on the multiple KC businesses pioneering large-scale water efforts globally.