Ireland - Gateway to Europe 2015

Complimentary Event.

Join us to find out why the world's top technology and pharma companies choose Ireland as a base for their European operations. You are invited to an exclusive information sharing event at World Trade Center Atlanta to find out how and why the world's most successful US companies (Google, Facebook, Zynga, Dropbox, Yapstone, EA Games, Nitro, and many others) have located their European base in Ireland.

This forum will open new doors for US businesses seeking to expand their
operations in the Ireland and will feature speakers from scaling Tech and Medical Device companies who have recently internationalized using Ireland as a base in Europe. Events are complimentary for US companies and advisors.
Why should I attend?
Whether your business or the businesses that you advise are prerevenue, early stage, break even or in expansion mode, looking to international markets for penetration and collaboration is key to increasing shareholder value.
Who else is attending?
A select group of individuals who have a unique insight into doing business
globally. Attendees will include those interested in internationalization: CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, Financiers, Accountants, Legal Advisors, VCs, Advisory Boards, Tax Attorneys, Entrepreneurs, US business leaders, Irish Government agencies and a select number of Irish service providers.

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