In today’s episode, WTCA Executive Director-Business Development Robin van Puyenbroeck is joined by Sade Shofidiya, founder and CEO of Foster Beelief, for a discussion on her passion for bees and background in the foster care system that led her to found an organization that is impacting others’ lives for the better. Foster Beelief was the winner of the 2019-2020 WTCA Foundation “Peace Through Trade” Student Competition – more info can be found here

Highlights from the conversation:

  • About Sade Shofidiya (0:53)
  • The importance of bees (1:48)
  • Where the bee colonies are (2:53)
  • Decrease in the bee population (4:05)
  • The root of Sade’s passion (5:52)
  • Sade’s internship experience at WTC Atlanta (9:18)
  • The shaping influence of foster care (12:36)
  • Overcoming impostor syndrome (15:19)
  • To young student entrepreneurs (17:32)

For the full episode, visit https://podcast.wtca.org/podcast/23-honeybees-and-peace-through-trade/

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