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Getting Your Goods from Here to There

Getting your Goods from Here to There- Lessons learned from the EVER GIVEN.

Save the Date and join us for this virtual event Tuesday, May 18,
10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. EST

WTC Members: $35 / Future Members: $45
Visit World Trade Center Delaware ( for details or register here:

About the Event: The ship's grounding in the Suez Canal and the subsequent halt of traffic illustrated that the ease of movement of goods is critical to the success of international trade. This year, shipping lane and port congestion issues highlighted an already difficult transportation capacity situation brought upon by the pandemic and the years of increasing international trade. We are presenting a discussion of the ripple effects of the EVER GIVEN grounding on international trade, lessons we have learned, and the steps we can take, as importers, exporters, and logistics operators to reduce the risk of the rising demand for shipping capacity.