Economist Impact’s Enterprise Metaverse Summit 2023 will help senior leaders build and benefit from digital twins to enable productivity gains and sustainable innovation.

A digital twin is a 3D replica of a physical workspace and assets, and can imitate a single screw to an entire factory. The insights this digital copy provides can help firms enhance resilience, adaptability and efficiency. Digital twins will underpin the enterprise metaverse and are forecast to become a US$48bn business by 2026 (McKinsey).

Businesses can also use mixed reality (augmented and virtual) to enhance collaboration, improve the safety of working environments and increase the effectiveness of training.

However, the enterprise metaverse may not become mainstream as fast as its champions expect, if at all. Will it be based on proprietary technology or on open standards? How should firms build their first digital twin and take advantage of the opportunities presented by mixed reality? 

Enterprise Metaverse Summit will offer informed and nuanced views from forward-thinking companies who are already gaining value from immersive reality. Join us to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and tools to benefit from this emerging trend.