Develop a Successful Import/Export Business

Do you have what it takes to become a successful international business? Are you ready to make international sales? Expanding your business globally offers great opportunities but requires careful preparation and planning.

This workshop will help you gain the knowledge to develop and implement an international plan. You will become acquainted with the key components of an effective import / export plan.

Topics include:

  • Organizational and product readiness
  • Market research
  • Guidance for developing your strategy and marketing plan
  • Promoting your products in target markets
  • Complying with U.S. and foreign regulations

This four-hour course is taught in two parts by international experts from the Georgia Small Business Development Center, a resource partner of World Trade Center Savannah.

Part one will aid you in assessing your readiness, understanding what you need to know and considering all options before pursuing an international strategy.

Part two will introduce you to those topics needed to develop and implement your strategy: international pricing and cost issues, proforma export quotations, payment terms and risk assessment.

Each part is two hours in length, with a one-hour lunch and networking break between sessions. Hybrid option available.