Can We Talk? The Future of AI

While new technologies have the ability to transform multiple sectors of the economy, what is the human cost?

The Future of AI: Automating Inequality or Opportunities for All?

While new technologies have the ability to transform multiple sectors of the economy, what is the human cost?

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, automation technology has been the primary driver of income inequality in the United States over the past 40 years. While those with a postgraduate degree saw their salaries rise, the Bureau reported in June 2021 that up to 70% of changes in wages since 1980 can be attributed to wage declines among blue-collar workers who were replaced or degraded by automation. At the same time, a $250 billion federal Innovation and Competition Act defined AI as a “key technology” that was essential to competitiveness, growth, and national security.

Understanding how AI and new technologies may impact diversity is crucial to building inclusive organizations for the future. So, Can We Talk?

Join us as we discuss:

• How are organizations currently deploying AI in their operations?

• Where will we see demand and where will we see jobs displaced?

• How do we keep ethical considerations and emergent digital inequalities in mind during this shift in technology?

• How can we ensure those without the appropriate skills aren’t displaced and can find a new home in our environment?

• What are the potential economic benefits of AI, robotics, and other forms of smart automation?


  • Banu Ozkazanc-Pan, Professor of Practice in Engineering and the Founder and Director of the Venture Capital Inclusion Lab at Brown University
  • Mercedes Soria, Executive Vice President of Software Engineering, Chief Intelligence Officer at Knightscope
  • Alex Choe, President of CMES Robotics, Inc., Founder/CEO of Guppy Media


  • Emily Cantrell, Vice President of Operations and Strategy, Greater Seattle Partners


  • 7:30am - Virtual Networking Begins
  • 8:00am - Panel Discussion Begins
  • 8:45am - Q&A
  • 9:00am - Panel Discussion Ends, Additional Networking Opportunities
  • 9:30am - Program Closes

World Trade Center Seattle's Can We Talk? series is presented by the  Port of Seattle . The series encourages open and honest conversations, no matter how difficult, in an effort to create better unity and understanding in both the workplace and our daily lives.

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