Can We Talk?

The percentage of female CEOs in the Fortune 500 is at an all-time high. After dropping to 21 last year, the number has increased by more than 50% in 2017 - from 21 to 32. 

This is the highest proportion of female CEOs in the 63-year history of the Fortune 500, yet it also means only 6.4% of the U.S.’s biggest companies (by revenue) are run by women.

All this to say, "Can We Talk?" Join us for a panel of three, high achieving, highly accomplished women for a candid discussion on the state of women in business America today. Our panelists will share insights and lessons learned based on their personal experiences as women leaders within their organizations and industries. Hear them talk about:

  • Their individual stories of where they came from, where they are today, and how they got there.
  • How far women in business have advanced... or have they?
  • Who are the women we see getting ahead and why?
  • Their best advice to women who want to succeed and lead at the top.


  • Their best advice to men who want to support women to succeed and lead at the top.

Join us for a cut-to-the-chase, and sometimes in-your-face panel discussion and Q & A that will focus on the truth about "Women as Leaders, Gender Equality and the Glass Ceiling." If you are a woman who wants to make it to the top of your business, or a man who wants to better understand what his daughter, wife, colleague, or perhaps female mentee is up against, or, simply wants to do a better job of supporting women into leadership positions, don’t miss this program. So … “Can we talk?”


  • Jamila Conley, Vice President IT Business Solutions Partner at F5
  • Cheryl Di Re, Chief Administrative Officer at McKinstry Co., LLC
  • Janene Drafs, Vice President and General Manager of KOMO-TV, KUNS-TV and Sinclair Radio Seattle


Event Schedule:
7:00am: Registration Opens
7:30am: Breakfast buffet
8:00am: Program and Q&A
9:00am: Networking

Brought to you by the Program Advisory Committee at the World Trade Center Seattle.