A Life Journey Building WTC® Business

In today’s episode, Executive Director of Business Development Robin van Puyenbroeck is joined by Khair Ull Nissa, Executive Director for World Trade Center Noida, joins us for a discussion about her concept for the World Trade Center® business. From her experience, Khair shares about India’s demonetization and leading role in technological advancement. As an advocate for women’s leadership in real estate, Khair provides insight into how the World Trade Center brand is making a difference in the community.

Highlights from the conversation:

  • About Khair Ull Nissa (0:48)
  • How Khair found the World Trade Center concept in various cities (1:55)
  • How the World Trade Center brand has changed (4:14)
  • Challenges that were encountered (7:32)
  • How COVID-19 has impacted business environments (10:10)
  • Using technology to complement in-person interactions (13:44)
  • The ideal World Trade Center business (17:55)
  • Making a difference in the women’s community (20:02)

For the full episode, visit:  https://podcast.wtca.org/podcast/a-life-journey-building-world-trade-center-businesses-with-khair-ull-nissa/.

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