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2nd Asian Networkers Convention and Exhibition

Asian Networkers Convention and Expo is a three day event held every year, ANCE that brings together together world famous leaders, trainers, motivational speakers, researchers, educators,distributors and professionals from around the world who are engaged in Direct Selling and Multi level Marketing Industry.

Convention Objectives :

To Strengthen the Network Marketing Industry which has been around for over 70 years.
To Educate Distributors and Professionals on the Ethics of the Industry.
To Empower educate on Employment and Financial Freedom.
To bring together the industries best on one platform
To recognize and award the companies and leaders who have made a difference in the industry. 

The Convention also brings together a Red Carpet Prestigious Gala Dinner and Award Night where in Top notch leaders from different countries, local Government Representatives, celebrities and Professionals from the Network Marketing Industry will be present to witness the Award Ceremony. Exclusive rights for Media and Television. The event is a chance to learn from leaders and trainers while making new friends from Asia and around the globe. Take part and witness the next Asian Networkers Convention which explains in greater depth how we are organized as a community and to generate interaction with industry experts, insight and impact from our convention activities."