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2019 Intensive Trade Seminar

The WITA Intensive Trade Seminar, held in conjunction with the GWU Elliot School and the World Trade Center DC, is a two-day overview of how the US Government formulates and enforces trade policy. The panels and speakers help attendees increase their professional knowledge base and broaden their network of contacts by learning the nuts and bolts of trade policymaking directly from career trade policy professionals from across government, industry, and law.

Participants interact with career trade professionals, pose questions directly to policy makers, and learn in depth about the ever-shifting trade landscape. Attendees will come away not just understanding the trade policy-making process, but just as importantly, knowing its key components and key players.

Draft Program Agenda (subject to change)

Tuesday, September 24th

8:30: Seminar I: The Congressional Role in Trade Policymaking

9:30: Seminar II: Trade Responsibilities in the Executive Branch and the Interagency Process

10:45: Seminar III: Trade Promotion Coordination

12:45: Seminar IV: U.S. Trade Law & Remedies: AD/CVD/Safeguards

2:00: Seminar V: Unilateral Trade Tools – Sections 301, 232 and IEEPA

3:15: Seminar VI: Update on U.S. China Trade

Wednesday, September 25

9:00: Seminar VII: Trade & Economic Development

10:00: Seminar VIII: Sanctions

11:15: Seminar IX: Foreign Investment and Export Controls

12:30: Seminar X: Working Lunch: Update on the WTO

1:45: Seminar XI: Current U.S. Trade Negotiations

2:45: Seminar XII: Digital Trade – Opportunities and Challenges for Trade Policy Makers